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AMERICAN HAIRCUTS® offers a wide variety of quality grooming products for men.

JOHN ALLAN’S   Since 1988, John Allan has provided men with more than just great services and products; he has introduced them to a lifestyle and philosophy that has men caring more about their appearance and well being.He designed his formulas specifically for the needs of men, and used the latest ingredients containing vitamins, botanicals, and marine plant extracts.
BAXTER OF CALIFORNIA  A high quality, reputable men’s grooming line developed in the mid-1960s and updated to include contemporary skin care formulations, shaving products, and haircare products.  All Baxter of California products are formulated from the ground up exclusively for the unique needs of MEN.
DREADNOUGHT  Dreadnought (formerly Bluebeard’s Revenge) is, quite simply, the best shaving cream we’ve ever tested. It’s an old-school English shave lather with a modern twist — Bluebeards contains ingredients which slow the beard growth, making shaving easier and less frequent.
WOODY’S QUALITY GROOMING Woody’s makes products without compromise by focusing on only the finest quality ingredients to cleanse, nourish and protect. Woody’s is directed at the man who is looking for a simple, comfortable daily regimen that offers basic, no-frill products that smell good and get the job done. For more, go to
18.21 MAN MADE  Probably the finest men’s grooming products we’ve tried — their Paste, Pomade, and Clay are remarkable styling products and the 18.21 Man Made Wash is an incredible skin and hair shampoo.  They even have a matching fragrance!
REDKEN FOR MEN Redken for men is our standard line and offers focused technology for stronger hair and balanced scalp. For more, go to
AMERICAN CREW American Crew is the world’s premier product line for men. All American Crew products are specifically formulated for the unique needs of men’s hair and scalp. For more information, go to
JACK BLACK Designed from the ground up, Jack Black was created to appeal to the Guy’s Guy. Keeping it simple with superior products specially formulated for a man’s needs. Nothing complicated. Nothing cosmetic. Just real solutions that provide immediate visible results. For more information, go to  (MIDTOWN STORE ONLY)
SUAVECITO This product is so good, you’ll wanna smack yo’ momma!  Suavecito makes amazing products at the perfect price point. For more information, go to
PAUL MITCHELL TEA TREE Recharge with the refreshing fragrance and soothing feel of the Tea Tree Collection. Let this full collection of products for all hair and skin types, formulated with essential tea tree oil, carry you away to a land of pure refreshment. For more information, go to  (MIDTOWN STORE ONLY)


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