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It’s goes without saying that we think AMERICAN HAIRCUTS® is the s@#t, but take a look at what our clients are saying in these American Haircuts Testimonials….

I had driven by this barbershop for a few weeks and decided to give it a shot just today. It was closer to my work than my normal salon and the possibility having a my neck shaved instead of just trimmed was another plus. So I walked in around lunch time and they weren’t badly busy. They had free WiFi and also complimentary drinks (from hard stuff to coffee). The decor was very clean, inviting, well lit and All-American. After I walked in I was promptly greeted and was told Wallace would cut my hair once he was finished with his lunch. Not five minutes pass and Wallace comes out and introduces himself. We go through the usual formalities of how I want my hair cut (i.e short on the side, don’t cut my bangs short though, etc) and off we go. A flurry of different clippers, scissors and small talk ensue and before I know it we are on to the neck shave and hot towel. In total I was in and out in about 30 minutes but I felt I could have spent longer.

What also impressed me about this establishment was their website. Not only can you book your next haircut on there but they have barber bios, a blog, links to the music they play in the shop, and much more. This is definitely a place I could see myself coming back to on a regular basis.

THE BOTTOM LINE — Every man should have a good barber and this place has some good barbers.
-Barry A. (On YELP)

Rating based on my first visit…… Been going to Great Clips for several months and my haircut started to get messy. I liked my barberess but she didnt have the touch. So with great trepidation I decided to try this new place, I was a walk-in and had to take whoever, and I got Clifton. Explained what I wanted, and I have been very happy with the results. Once again I can towel dry in the morning and look just fine all day, then gel up for those special occasions; no fuss, no hassle hair! I will go back soon as I think its been over a month…. I am on a budget but it is worth the extra bucks- the last time I got a haircut this good it cost $70!

-Mark B (On YELP)

I moved here from NYC which has a highly developed barber culture. Man was i frustrated when I moved to Atlanta a year ago. After saying goodbye to my amazing latin barber in NYC, I found nothing but black barbers here who had no idea what to do with a white guys hair. Some of them did an ok job but some of them did a horrible job yet still pretended to know what the hell they were doing. And no, I don’t want a square-up, thank you.

Finally, American Haircuts opened. Not only do the barbers know what they’re doing and are friendly to boot, you get a mixed drink with your haircut!! Who can beat having a whiskey while you get a cut? It’s also centrally located in Midtown and easy to take the train to after work. I’m so thankful this place came to my rescue.

-Danny R (On YELP)

“Fang gave me a layered razor cut and a straight razor neck shave. It’s not often you get to say a sentence like that without being into S&M… but don’t worry… Fang is a woman… and she didn’t abuse me at all! Quite the opposite! Hands down, the best $25 haircut I’ve recieved in Atlanta! (Also my first, but, hey… if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.)

I made an on-line reservation, walked right in and was offered a Coke!

The haircut was super solid!

Neck shave with a straight razor!

Hot Towel!

and… Eye Brow Trim?

Uh… Ok… I guess I needed it?

What else can I say? It was a great experience all around! Friendly staff that instinctively understood that I like my haircuts like I like my women… smart, efficient, and lathered in shaving cream!

I’ll be back!”

-Scott K (On YELP)

I just heard about this new barber shop which opened in late November in their current location. Its a good haircut at a fair price ($25)… a step up from “mediocre clips” down the street.

What I like:

• Its very close to work, and filling an void in the area

• It is a real barber shop

• Neck shave

• No reservation necessary (this may change)

• Good haircut

• Free wifi

• Fax (If I had $.05 every time I needed to fax at my barber)

What I don’t:

• Ugly buidling

-Andrew N (On YELP)

“If you think you have gotten a better hair cut somewhere else, you are SADLY mistaken. I drive all the way from Canton to get Dave to cut my had and would gladly drive twice as far.”

– Matthew Horne

“Great cut – great fun – the REAL deal. You must try this place.”

– Mike

“All of the barbers in this place are freaking nuts! They always give me a great haircut, but I think they should all be on medication (actually, I believe some of them are – Cory!). Take the funniest sitcom you’ve ever seen and put in in a barbershop and you’ve got American Haircuts. I never leave without a great laugh. Some of the things that comes out of the barbers’ mouths are scandalous! If you’ve got a bad combover, they’ll tell you. If the haircut you ask for will look stupid, they’ll tell you. If they think you’re an idiot, they’ll tell you. If you’re easily offended, this may not be your place. But, if you like to get a great haircut and have fun, then give this barbershop a try.”

– Joe C

“It is definitely worth the 15 miles I take getting there. All they need is a cot in the back for me to take that nap after the hot towel treatment. We love this place… and I get the best haircut I’ve ever had. The staff here are all professionals. The atmosphere is great, the service is superb and they are deeply involved in the community. The staff is always helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. Their hot towel treatment is the coup de grace – Thanks AH – for your support of our Servicemen and women at home and around the world. Here’s hoping for many continued years of success.”

– Michael Allen

“Many of us have been in the same ‘hairy’ situation.. We explain to the barber how we want our hair to look and WHAM!! we look Phil Spector or like we just got out of boot camp. American Haircuts takes the time to listen to “your” needs and makes sure you’re happy before you leave the barbers chair. The price is extremely reasonable as well. They don’t rush you through like a herd of cattle either. Your service is personalized and guaranteed. That’s why I drive from Buckhead every week to get my hair cut. Oh yeah, if you like to laugh – alot, then you’ll really want to sit in their chairs.. These guys, and ladies, will have you laughing so hard you’ll make sure you come back to them every time. ”

– Allen Curreri

“I have been going to American Haircuts since they opened their doors. I have never had a barber, stylist, or anyone that has cut my hair in the past make my hair look as clean and cut as they do. Dave is the best.”

– Martin Knudsen

“It is fun and relaxing to be there. Oh and you get a great hair cut.”

– Adam Ole

“One of the barbers, Cory Fincher, is absolutely the best ever. He has never given me anything but an excellent haircut accompanied with humor and good conversation.”

– Phil Palmer

“I was glad to move to the metro area so that I didn’t have to drive 30 minutes one way for a haircut. Since I found American Haircuts I’ll gladly drive one hour one way for the ideal haircut experience. My son and I have been going to American Haircuts for about three years now. It’s worth the trip!”

– Henry

“To be treated not only with appreciation but like an old friend when visiting American Haircuts makes what could be just another stop on a busy weekend into an enjoyable time and something even to look forward to.”

– Ed Saye

“The best period.”

– Toby E. Rogers

“It’s the only real barber shop with modern touches that I know of in Atlanta.”

– Phil

“These folks are always professional, standing by your scheduled appointment time, and just down right good friendly folks!”

– Ken B

“American Haircuts is the best place to get a man’s haircut because they give a great guys cut and they take reservations. Also, their shaves are the best.”

Michael Boland

“Great service, great people! My boys love the place.”

– AnneMarie McKenna

“One of the things I like about American Haircuts is that the barbers are all consistent. I’ve always had great haircuts. Another thing that I like it that the barbershop is a real men’s kind of place. Everyone cuts up (and tells the occasional dirty joke) and the place is not politically correct. It’s refreshing to have this kind of shop in an age where retail is dominated by generic chains with no personality. This place has got my vote!”

– Philip Brown

“Try them once and you will see why they are the best.”

– Mark Keiser

“Best service and haircut in town!”

– Timothy McKee

“This is a real BARBER shop with BARBERS (not beauticians) who know how to give real haircuts to MEN. They know what a High and Tight Horseshoe Flattop is and they know how to taper a neckline!”

– Randy H

“Great music! Fun staff! Great products! Great cuts! Always have time to say “Hi” and make you feel like a real person.”

– Rick

“They make you feel like family! They are the ONLY folks my husband lets cut his hair. American Haircuts is the only barber shop that truly knows how to mix current style and fashion with the traditional elements that are necessary to make any man look his absolute best!!! They take the prize, hands down!”

– Joni Kanazawa

“This is a top of the line shop. Always clean and neat. You are always met with a smile. The staff are well skilled and eager to provide the customer with expert service and customer satisfaction is a must. A nice place for men and for Mother’s to bring their children in. Do yourself a favor and check it out. I know you will be pleased to find such a unique shop.”

– Tom Davis

“This is the best barber shop I have ever experienced in all of the cities in which I have lived: Washington, DC, Orlando, Dallas, and Roswell. The staff keeps the atmosphere very light and they play excellent music on the shop’s sound system. They also continue to innovate with their web site including online appointments and special offers. Highly recommended.”

– Bob Landis

“They are the BEST because you will never receive the “true” atmosphere of the American barbershop other than at American Haircuts. Also, the staff, they are the top notch and they go out of their way to see their clients are happy when they leave the shop. I have been client at American Haircuts for almost two years! I would not think of going any where else for a haircut. ”

– Danny Miller

“Been going here since the opening weekend and never been disappointed. My boys and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. There’s nothing better than a great cut, hot lather shave, and hot towels…especially as fall and winter approaches. Kudos to Dave, Corey, Scott, et al.”

– Robert Ross

“Great atmosphere and service.”

– Randy Watson

Now that you’ve seen what a few of our clients are saying about us… what are you waiting for? Come in already!


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