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It is with great sadness that we inform you that a fire broke out in one of the businesses next door to our Ansley location on Monroe Drive. Fortunately, nobody was injured, but it may take a day or so for us to assess the damage and determine our course of action.. We hope to move our Ansley staff to one of our other locations as we can find space. We will send an email to all of our clients and post to social media as soon as we know more. Thanks for your patience during this disappointing time for our team.

Your AMERICAN HAIRCUTS® experience starts from the moment you walk in the door. You’ll notice the place is different – like the barbershop dad took you to as a kid, only nicer (and cleaner). Upon arrival our manager or receptionist will check you in. While you wait, you can enjoy a complimentary beverage and be entertained by the big flat panel televisions and listen to blues, jazz, and rock on our in-house music system. Your barber will escort you back to the cutting area and sit you down in a real barber chair. You’ll receive a precision haircut, followed by a hot lather neck shave (with a straight razor, of course) and our signature hot towel treatment.

The AMERICAN HAIRCUTS® experience is an authentic, yet modern barbershop experience. We’ve taken the best of the barbershop and combined it with modern touches like high speed internet access, web based reservations, and big flat panel televisions.

All of that said, AMERICAN HAIRCUTS® barbers aren’t stuck in the past. We do excellent traditional barbershop haircuts, but we can also handle trendy styles and long hair as well. No matter what your style, you’ll leave our shop looking better than you ever have. From flattops to faux hawks, we’re the best at cutting men’s hair because that’s all we do. We’re not “stylists” and you won’t find smelly color or perm solutions in our shop. What you will find is the best haircut you’ve ever had. Our nine barbers have nearly TWO CENTURIES of combined experience cutting men’s hair.   

AMERICAN HAIRCUTS® is not some generic, sterile “concept.” Our barbers give great haircuts and entertainment. We’re not afraid to tell the occasional dirty joke and we can be brutally honest with our customers (“Bob, that comb-over makes you look like a used car salesman!”). And forget that politically correct crap – the conversation is real. AMERICAN HAIRCUTS® is just like an old-fashioned barbershop. A place where men can meet with friends – and make new ones. And best of all, AMERICAN HAIRCUTS® is a place where men can be men!

Come enjoy the AMERICAN HAIRCUTS® Experience from real AMERICAN BARBERSTM

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